Friday, September 20, 2013

Which Theory Do you Think You Came From, "Creation Or Evolution"

There are actually two major theories about how man come in to existence, the bible theory of God creation of man and the science evolution theory about man.

Most Christians including me of course believe that God Created man with his own image and gave him power to rule over the earth. Scientist however, on the other hand believe that the human being evolved from a celled organism all the way through years of evolution to a monkey then standing walking human.

These two kind of theories have been a cause of discussion between religious groups and scientists for many years. Each group thinks that their theory about creation is the right one and hope to make the other believe and accept it.

Each group has facts which they use as prove for their theory which sometimes to me sounds very confusing especially the scientific side. The bottom line is that we all come from somewhere whether creation or evolution.

I don't think whether or not the two groups will ever agree, but I will stick to Gods theory of creation because its what I believe. I don't believe that my descendants are monkeys or any other celled creature.

My own opinion about FAILURE

What do you think the word failure means? How do you define it? How do you accept it? What do you usually do whenever you fail?

In my opinion, Failure is just an obstacle in life. A test that we need to pass. Something that will develop our weakness to become our strength. When we fail to get something, that shouldn’t stop us from getting what we want. We should always stand up and start reaching our goal again. 

Some people tend to change directions when they fail. But that doesn’t mean, they are already giving up. They might just have thought of another way to reach their own goal. An alternate route. 

And some people tend to give up. The thing is, as long as you are breathing. Your Life will still go on. You can continue with the first path you choose or have an alternate route. But, giving up is not an option. Take what ever failures you have as a lesson, learn from it and start from there. If you must, observe how other people achieved their goal with every obstacle they had in life and try to use it on your own.

Note: This Article is inspired by the song Good Riddance from Greenday (you can check the song on Youtube). This Topic just crossed my mind while I’m listening to the song and I Posted it in spite of being sick, so that I can be sure that I’m not going to forget posting it. 

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